July 25, 2012

Video Store for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available in Canada

Watch new releases or download old favorites when you’re on the go with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s vivid display. With a built-in HDMI connection you can easily plug your BlackBerry PlayBook in to your TV to enjoy videos at home too.

Download Video Store Canada for PlayBook

July 16, 2012

Twitter for BlackBerry Updated v3.1.0.20 now available for download in BlackBerry App World

Stay connected to the people, information and news you care about on Twitter®, with the high-quality experience you expect on a BlackBerry® smartphone.
 What’s new in 3.1:
The latest version provides you with a more informed twitter experience.
The new addition of the tweet details screen allows you to see conversations about the tweet and who has retweeted it. Additionally, you are now able to undo retweets by simply clicking again on the retweet button.

 • New Tweet details screen
• Updated Twitter branding
• Undo Retweet
• Improved Sign-up screen
 Download the latest verion of Twitter in App Wolrd

July 12, 2012

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1 Bundle 32 Version: Bundle 32 in Beta Zone

With BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1, you can:

- Add a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that has BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 or later installed on it

- Sync your music by individual songs or by collections of music, including albums

- Sync all of your configured data at one time by toggling the sync button in a synchronization screen and selecting sync all

July 11, 2012

BlackBerry App World v3.1.4.25 now available for download

BlackBerry App World is now available for download. Getting pushed into version

New and Improves features:
  • Download all app updates with the new "Upgrade All" button
  • Share your list of installed apps using NFC technology
  • View lists of installed apps from multiple friends using NFC technology
  • Connect BlackBerry App World to BBM to display a variety of new BlackBerry App World actions in your BBM personal message
  • Finnish language support 
  • Various bug fixes

July 10, 2012

Dell Voice App Released for BlackBerry With Free calling to Canada Cities

BlackBerry 10 Facebook App First Look

BlackBerry 10 will be using TAT Cascades to create rich looking native applications and UI. One part of this will be the Share UI. The Share UI is how it will look when you want to share a picture, web page, or other object to Facebook, BBM, Picasa, DropBox, and much more.
Additionally, you can see the different level of controls for hiding potentially less commonly used controls. Looking at the slides, they reveal the TAT-built Facebook application. We can see already there are many more enhanced features than currently found on the native Facebook app (i.e. Image quality selection). The slide also mentions that the ability to ‘hide’ less used controls will be added to the Cascade Core UI by winter 2012.
Nevertheless, BlackBerry 10 and its Share UI look to be shaping up nicely. BlackBerry 10 seems to have a core focus of social interaction and we’re sure the Share UI and other sharing components will be essential. What do you think of the way the Facebook app looks ?

BlackBerry 10 OS to have BBM Video Chat Natively

Thorsten Heins confirmed during the shareholders meeting today that RIM will not be slouching with BBM on BlackBerry 10. They plan on packing in video chat into BBM along with its other features. It will work sort of like it does now on the PlayBook with PIN and BBID’s. Hopefully RIM also extends it with a desktop client to round it out. The Verge was kind enough to transcribe what Heins said

VoIP Development on BlackBerry 10

Let me be the first to share with you that real-time communications (VoIP) development is not only possible, but the BlackBerry® 10 platform was specifically built from ground up to deliver the best communications experience. There may be plenty of open source stacks out there for VoIP development, but an important one that comes to mind is PJSIP. To provide a brief overview, PJSIP is a free and open source multimedia stack written in C, and it supports audio, video, presence, and instant messaging capabilities. This allows you to develop compelling real-time communication applications, such as VoIP phone.
This may seem like a lot of porting effort but based on my experience in working with our good friends here at Truphone, this was fairly easy to bring over to BlackBerry 10. I want to take this opportunity and share their experience in porting a PJSIP open source multimedia stack over to BlackBerry 10

Check out the interview with Adam from Truphone

Source : Inside BlackBerry Developer

BlackBerry App World Hits 3 Billion Downloads

BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook users around the world have downloaded over three billion apps since BlackBerry App World™ launched! (Editor’s Note: You can tell Victoria is excited, because she doesn’t like using exclamation points in blog posts)
Three billion app downloads averages out to over 2.5 million downloads each day.  What’s even more important – and impressive – is that the number of daily downloads continues to increase. It took 786 days to reach the one billion mark, 210 days to reach two billion, and only 176 days to reach the three billion number. I should also note that this number does not include apps downloaded from third party BlackBerry app stores, or those pushed internally at companies around the world, or those downloaded directly from the web.
Special thanks is due to the over 28,000 BlackBerry App World vendors and the BlackBerry App World storefront team. BlackBerry App World has continued to grow steadily with more than 90,000 applications now up for sale (we know other platforms use other metrics like submitted, or approved, but we prefer the more tangible “up for sale”).

source: Inside BlackBerry Developer

July 02, 2012

Exclusive: Leaked BlackBerry 10 2013 Roadmap

The roadmap details:
  • 4G BlackBerry PlayBook – Q4, 2012
  • BlackBerry 10 London/Nevada – Q1, 2013 – Europe launch before N. America
  • BlackBerry 10 Upgrade for PlayBook – Q1/Q2, 2013
  • BlackBerry device codenamed “Nashville” – Q2/Q3, 2013
  • BlackBerry 10 inch PlayBook “Blackforest” – Q3, 2013
  • BlackBerry device codenamed “Naples” – Q3/Q4, 2013
Before we go into what the roadmap is showing us, we were also told that RIM will be launching BlackBerry 10 in Europe 3-4 weeks prior to launching BlackBerry 10 in North America. Don't worry though, both launches will still take place in Q1. The BlackBerry 10 Europe launch is suppose to take place within the first week of January, while the North American launch to follow in the first week of February. The reason behind this, is because the European markets and media outlets have been better receptive to BlackBerry than the "doom and gloom" repetitive bullshit of the North American media outlets. RIM has also had much better success with BlackBerry in general in these other markets. This should give the global market more time to become accustomed to BlackBerry 10 and create the hype it needs to make it's way to the shelves of N. America and elsewhere.

Source: BlackBerryOs **Continue reading article **

RIM CEO demo BB10

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