February 03, 2015

BlackBerry Passport Keyboard Tips

Here’s a selection of useful keyboard shortcuts designed to make typing, editing and working with the Passport’s QWERTY a lot faster and easier: 
  • Long press on a key to capitalise a letter.
  • Tap the backspace key to delete one letter at a time; hold down backspace key to delete entire words.
  • Running Shift –– to quickly select text for highlighting, hold the virtual shift key and drag your finger to the end of the section you want to highlight.
  • Fast Text Insertion –– double tap the keyboard and drag your finger across the word or to the part of the sentence you want to insert something onto.  
  • Press “t” to navigate to the top of a page or app.
  • Press “b” to go to the bottom.
  • Press “space bar” to scroll down a page or app.
  • Press “n” or “p” to move between sections headers.


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