April 09, 2012

TELUS cuts international roaming rates again, data pay-per-use drops to $5/MB

TELUS recently cut their overseas roaming rates, or as this document states “slashes” their international roaming rates. The celebration of these lower rates actually went live a year ago, but was just extended to the end of June. Today, TELUS continued the slashing by cutting the pay-per-use data price down. What was once set at $25/MB dropped to $10/MB, now will see some of the roaming locations prices fall to $5/MB. Western Europe, Mexico and Oceana are all $5/MB (from $10/MB). Caribbean/ Latin America, Eurasia and Africa stay the same at $10/MB. In addition, Satellite locations (cruise ships, airplanes) drops from $25/MB to $10/MB.
The price changes starts today.

Source : Mobilesyrup


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