May 01, 2012

Flix Brings Netflix to the PlayBook for $2.99

The wait is finally over: Flix is a native app that makes Netflix accessible on your BlackBerry PlayBook.
It works by running a small invisible program on your PC and transmitting the video to your PlayBook in real time over Wi-Fi, checkout this videoo give you a sense of how the app works. (Note that the buffering time has been reduced from 40 seconds to 20 seconds)

Current limitations:

  • Your PlayBook must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. (To download the PC app, click here)
  • There is a slight "seam" in the audio every 10 seconds. Sometimes this seam isn't noticeable, but sometimes it is. I hope to eliminate this seam in the audio.
  • This initial version requires a relatively high performance computer, otherwise the audio will contain popping noises. For example, my three year old laptop with an Intel Centrino doesn't appear to be up to the task. I'm investigating solutions to this problem.
  • Flix requires between 1.5 and 10 Mbps transfer speeds between your PC and PlayBook, depending on what quality settings you use, but Wi-Fi requirements are compounded if your Windows PC isn't hard wired into your router, since in that case three transmissions are always occuring: From the Internet to your PC via your router, from your PC back to your router, and from your router to your PlayBook
  • When you are watching a Netflix movie on your PlayBook, the computer's audio is redirected to your PlayBook.
  • Windows PC only. (Mac is not supported)
  • Windows XP is not yet supported. Please use Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
  • There are no player controls such as pause or rewind on the PlayBook at this time. I hope to improve this. 
  • Now available in BlackBerry App World

Please note that Flix was not created and is not affiliated with Netflix.



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