January 24, 2013

Facebook 4.0 for BlackBerry with Refreshed U now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

New Features

- Pull to refresh
- Photo re-design:
     - Enhancements in full screen photo browsing
     - Comments & Like/Unlike buttons
     - Ability to view tags
     - Slider animation (Slide between full screen photos)

Fixed Issues

- Clean up files that add the #preprocessor markers, but don't need them.
- Photos cannot be displayed using Menu option
- When saving an image with 'Set as Wallpaper' checked, two copies saved on the device
- UI issue when the user is already in the friend's list when a new friend is added
- Clicking on the Like + Comments button will open the dialog box for the next photo
- Swiping on screen with bottom eyelid buttons highlighted, brings up the same image
- Facebook Photo\like count not displayed correctly when more 3 or more digits
- Facebook Like\Unlike comments scrolling is not consistent with GCM and menu button
- Imaging scaling not applied on device rotation
- Navigation List BB menu option is not toggled correctly
- Pull to refresh text overlaps with mailbox content
- Facebook need to sync the Like and Comment bar to refresh when comments and likes are added
- Incorrect photo is being saved on the device
- Photo: Spinning green circle shown initially and then screen goes black prior to displaying image
- Facebook Exiting out of a large photo album causes the screen to go blank
- Facebook pull to refresh stops working after a few tries
- Should say loading photos not fetching
- Sometimes while swiping in a photo album in full screen view, image is not loaded
- Performance: Slider animation is not smooth when swiping in an album
- Facebook Photo comments not showing in menu bar and comment count not updating


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