June 14, 2012

Finally PaceMaker Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Mix the music you love with automatic beat matching, loops and effects. Pacemaker® makes it easy and fun to DJ and with a full set of playback features, pro level audio effects and a crossfader, you have unlimited creative influence over your music!

 Auto beatmatch - Instantly sync tempo and phase of two tracks by clicking the Sync button. Scratch - Put the needle on the record and scratch like the Grandmaster. Time stretch - Alter and set the tempo of a track ± 100% without affecting pitch/key. Pitch speed - Alter track tempo ± 100% and pitch/key ± one octave in parallel. Pitch bend - Nudge a track into phase. Loop - Create synchronized loops on the fly; set and adjust in-point and/or end-point, split from in-point or end-point, double from in-point
or end-point, exit loop and re-loop. Loop travel - Turn on Loop travel and hear the funky sound of a small loop traveling along the sound wave. Reverse - Flip playback direction Cue play - Play track from cue point and revert to cue point when releasing cue button. Set cue point - Search and define starting point of a track with precise control. DJ pause - A stuttering micro loop lets you listen, search and set cue point. FX - Add and adjust single parameter audio effect Hi-cut/Lo-cut ± 1.0. Beat FX - Add and adjust two-parameter audio effects Echo and Roll to dry/wet + 0–100% and Beat at 1/8-8, and Reverb to dry/wet and size to + 0–100%. Kill-all - Instantly mute or re-engage activated audio effects. Track EQ - Temporarily adjust equalization of loaded tracks. Crossfader - Dynamically adjust the output blend between the two channels. Split output - Split output and listen to one track in the headphones while another track is playing in the speakers. All you need is the Griffin DJ Cable. Headphones crossfader - Dynamically adjust what channel blend to listen to in the phones. Halt - Pause everything and continue when ready. Master headphones volume - Adjust volume for headphones output. Gain - Temporarily adjust gain level of loaded track.

Pacemaker tutorial , Getting started 

 Purchase PaceMaker in App World from your PlayBook.


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