June 07, 2012

security researchers' warnings about privacy issues with LinkedIn's iOS app

Linkedln response about the collection of data:
"The company acknowledged that it picks up information from the Calendar app on your iOS device to try to sync any appointments listed with fellow LinkedIn users. The feature is opt-in, so users of the LinkedIn IOS app can turn off the ability to "Add Calendar" in the Settings screen.
The details sent to LinkedIn's server include the e-mail addresses of the people you meet with, the meeting subject, the location, and any meeting notes. The calendar data is sent securely using SSL encryption and isn't shared or stored, LinkedIn added.
But in a concession to concerned users, the company has promised two tweaks to the feature. It will no longer pick up meeting notes from your calendar. And it will add a "learn more" link to explain how your calendar data is being used."
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 Source : Cnet


  1. I just deleted the app from my iPad , I am so pissed with Linkedln .


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